Energy Work via Remote Sessions

Sometimes the physical injuries, bumps, and bruises heal but the energetic impact of these injuries stays with you. At Flowing Energy for Wellness, I provide energy work services via remote / distance sessions, to help you feel your best, age gracefully, and heal all of your body-mind. With me, you’ll have a trusting and caring energy work provider who helps you appreciate yourself and your body-mind. Sessions are conducted via phone or Zoom telecomminication.

What Is Energy Work?

Energy work is a natural healing method that focuses on the energy and information systems in your body. The purpose of this work is to help your body’s innate healing systems to achieve your optimal wellness. This work goes hand-in-hand with other medicinal practices and allows you to feel your best. Many different techniques exist within energy work, and I use the BodyTalk System, NES Health, and BodyIntuitive.

One of the aspects of energy work that I focus on is releasing stored emotions. You can have stored emotions from a variety of things like serious life events or emotions that built up over time that you weren’t able to fully express. Together, we’ll invite your body to clear those emotions so that you feel emotionally well and are in a good place.

Why Try Energy Work?

Often, people come to me when they don’t know where else to turn. I am always happy to help you reach your optimal wellness at any point on your healing journey. I love to connect with my clients. Your innate healing wisdom provides a personalized plan for you to ensure that you feel whole physically, emotionally, and mentally. My job as an energy practitioner is to help facilitate this personalized plan.

If you’ve decided that you should try energy work services, then call or text me at (336) 686-2149 for an appointment for your distance session.