Our innate wisdom is our body’s ability to heal itself.

The BodyMind Complex

From a scientific perspective, our body is composed of different forms of energy operating at different frequencies. For example, low frequencies would be parts of our physical body such as the bones and muscles. Within those energies is essential bio-information for our life. Our energies and bio-information make up a unique ‘blueprint’ for our body.  We are more than the physical body; we have many levels. We are a bodymind complex.

In ascending order, the levels of our body that can be addressed by healing modalities are:

  1. The Physical Body;
  2. The Vital Body, which is the invisible template form of our body;
  3. The Mental Body which consists of our belief systems, values, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions that are produced by the Mind. The Mind gives meaning to the actions of our physical and vital body; and
  4. The Supermental Body is defined by the intuitive, higher aspects of consciousness.

Unbalanced communication at the higher levels of our body impacts all of our lower body levels.  The benefits, of balancing communication within our body, flow down through our body levels (supermental to mental to vital to physical body); like water flows from the mountains to the sea; not the reverse. The BodyTalk System, NES Health and BodyIntuitive are capable of balancing communication within the higher levels of our bodymind complex.

Everyday stress is a major cause of unbalanced communication within us. There simply is not enough down-time for our body to do the proper maintenance. Other causes include exposure to toxins, electromagnetic influences, environmental influences, allergens, and trauma. Another big stressor within us is the burden of unprocessed emotions known as active memories or trapped emotions that are being stored within many levels of our body. This explains why treating our body at just the physical level, many times yields unsatisfactory results. Physical treatments only benefit the physical level of our body. When you add BodyTalk, NES Health and BodyIntuitive to your physical treatment plans you have the opportunity to produce a higher level of well-being because you are addressing imbalances in multiple layers of your body.

Our body is designed to heal itself. We have all seen a cut on our finger just heal. Our innate wisdom is our body’s ability to heal itself. The stresses of life can overwhelm our innate wisdom allowing imbalances in communication to form and go unchecked. Our brain can simply become too busy to pay attention to the repair and maintenance requests submitted by our innate wisdom. If these imbalances are around long enough they eventually manifest in our body as symptoms of physical or mental dis-ease.

At Flowing Energy for Wellness, together we bring your brain’s awareness back to the areas of imbalance within you. BodyTalk System, NES Health and BodyIntuitive help to get your brain’s attention. In response, your brain sends your body’s resources to the priority areas to bring itself back into harmony, leading you toward your optimal well-being.


Melanie Clapp

Melanie Clapp


To help facilitate your body’s innate ability to heal itself and support you in your healing journey.


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